Remy Marino

Remy is a Founder and CFO of Ortus.

Remy has over 20 years of experience in the financial industry on both the sell-side and buy-side. Prior to founding Ortus, Remy spent 11 years at Deutsche Bank where he held numerous leadership roles including Managing Director of Global Investment Solutions, Managing Director and Head of Alternatives Specialists Americas, and Head of FX Structuring Americas. Prior to Deutsche Bank, Remy held several other positions at Barclays Capital and Credit Agricole between Paris, London, and New York. These positions included the senior roles of Head of FX Structuring at Barclays and Head of FICC Structuring at Credit Agricole. 

Remy holds an actuary diploma from the Institut des Sciences Financières et d’Assurance (ISFA) in Lyon. He also holds two Masters Degrees from the University of Lyon: a first year of PhD (DEA) in quantitative finance and a Master in stochastic calculation and economet­rics.

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