Our Philosophy

We believe that the climate crisis
is the greatest challenge ever to face human kind.

Such a challenge requires leadership from many sectors. We believe the investment community has both the power and the responsibility to take on a leadership role and to make a difference.

We believe that where there is challenge, there is opportunity.

With deep experience and expertise in the renewable energy and alternative investment arenas, the principals of Ortus have created a meta-platform dedicated to investing in sustainable and reliable climate mitigation solutions.

We believe that sustainable investing is smart investing.

We choose projects with strong fundamentals and long-term economic metrics. Our projects yield a high return and have a positive and sustainable impact on both the environment and the communities in which they are built. 


Ortus Climate Mitigation (“Ortus”) is a renewable energy infrastructure developer focused on the acquisition and acceleration of development assets at various stages. Ortus was founded by four industry veterans with deep expertise in the renewable energy and alternative investment sectors. The meta-platform is the culmination of a shared vision to develop and implement impactful and scalable climate mitigation strategies. 

Ortus develops a broad range of renewable energy assets diversified by geography, technology, and market in order to optimize risk-adjusted returns for investors. Our wind, solar, pumped storage, hydrogen, battery storage, and other power market initiatives are helping our planet make the transition to a clean and sustainable future while having a positive local impact on the communities in which we work.

Ortus develops top quality investment vehicles with solid fundamentals and long-term economic returns. Our wind, solar, energy management and power market initiatives are helping our planet make the transition to a clean and sustainable future while having a positive local impact on the communities in which we work.

The platform integrates cutting-edge technology, proprietary algorithms for defining market opportunities, advanced risk mitigation techniques, and diversification across a broad range of climate mitigation investment sectors. Our focus is high return projects that have a positive and sustainable impact.

Who We Are

We are a highly motivated group of professionals focused on the development, financing, construction, and operation of renewable energy and climate mitigation projects worldwide. Collectively, we have over 100 years of industry-relevant experience. We leverage this experience to identify, design, and deliver portfolios of professionally executed, high-value assets with attractive returns. 

How We Work

Our international experts benefit from a global perspective that complements our local teams and partners who have deep roots in the geographies in which we work. Through a proprietary development platform (patents pending) we are able to integrate our work seamlessly, thereby enhancing our efficiency and increasing productivity. We work around the clock to deliver industry leading results. 

Our Expertise

We develop, engineer, finance, build and operate renewable energy projects, energy management systems and climate mitigation technologies. We have completed some of the largest clean energy projects ever financed and have established relationships with most of the public development finance institutions. We are well-known to several leading industry investors and financial institutions. 

Our Technology

Ortus has acquired an exclusive license to a patented immersive project data visualization and management platform via a strategic investment into Renaissance VR Renewables, LLC (RVR-RE) a subsidiary of Renaissance Virtual Reality LLC (RVR). As part of this exclusive license RVR-RE is developing a bespoke version of the RVR software tailored to Ortus’ critical day to day business needs.

The software has already been successfully utilized to improve project data management, accuracy, and security, leading to more efficient and cost-effective project development. 

Based on the premise that the documents pertinent to a project hold the all the data relevant to the status and potential success of a project, the RVR software brings a project’s data into the foreground. By employing the latest technologies in browser-based graphics, machine learning, and cloud storage, RVR is developing a platform that enables the Ortus team to visually manage and understand the vast number of documents and data associated with the projects they manage.

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