Platform Overview

Climate change is the defining challenge for future generations. The threat it poses to economies, geopolitics and life support will eclipse all other issues for humanity. Ortus Climate Mitigation is leading the transition from fossil fuels to a low carbon economy by leveraging proven technologies to acquire and accelerate diversified renewable energy portfolios.

Ortus acquires renewable energy projects at various stages of development, accelerates them to completion and operates the assets to optimize the income associated with long-term clean power generation strategies. 

We work with a broad range of renewable energy assets diversified by geography, technology and market. Our goal is to optimize risk-adjusted returns for investors.


Through Affiliated Companies
Wind Experience Map

Portfolio and pipeline of more than 40 projects in development, corresponding to more than 1 GW of solar and wind power generation, as of Q2’2022

10-hour, 500 MW Pumped Storage project under development

Development loan for 120 MW onshore wind project

Initial pipeline of 80-100 MW of onshore wind and solar is currently under due diligence

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